Dirty Dishes Repel Houseguests

Kansas Kelly Cleans Most of Kitchen, "But I'm Not Going Near That Disgusting Sink."

MANITOU SPRINGS, COLORADO -- If there was ever such a thing as the "dirty dishes from hell," it would probably be festering in Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi's apartment!

This weekend, there was quite a hoolaboo when recent houseguests generously stocked and tidied much of Steve's kitchen, but no one could overcome their repulsion by the month-old dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.

"I'm more than happy to clean things," said Kansas Kelly, who cleaned the stove, refrigerator, counter tops and even took out the trash, "but I'm not going near that disgusting sink. You couldn't pay me enough to touch anything in there."

An upclose photo revealed a tupperware container with oatmeal caked on the sides, an icky lime green sponge and hints of other gruesome foods below the dishes. Also, there was a slight odor emitting from the dishes.

British visitor Nick Hughes seemed understanding of the kitchen, but he couldn't hide how troubled he felt about the smelly dishes.

Dirty Dishes in Kitchen Sink "In Britian, we would call this one bloody awful mess," he said.

At first, Steve refused to comment about the dishes and merely said, "I'm just so glad that you brought over all this food."

Eventually though, Steve took care of the sink. He filled it with water, poured soap in, and let it soak before washing and putting everything away.

"I told them they were welcome to clean my bathroom too," said Steve, "but we'll see if I get lucky with that."

Steve is hosting many out-of-town visitors who are here to enjoy Manitou Springs and the mountains of Colorado. They did a day trip to Aspen, enjoyed driving to the top of Pikes Peak and played the "horse racing game" for hours at the Manitou Penny Arcade.

Kansas Kelly
Photo Above: Kansas Kelly shows exasperation over Steve's messy kitchen.

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