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California Woman "Grossed Out" by Messy Car

September 1, 2001

Tami Smith was grossed out!

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO -- A California woman whom Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi is hosting this week was "grossed out" by a passenger seat filled with loose papers, CD's, McDonald's hamburger wrappers, a pair of sneakers, empty water bottles and other objects.

"Are you sure I'm not sitting on something icky?" asked Tami Smith, who wanted to tour Garden of the Gods.

With his red Honda CRX so messy, Smith questioned whether Steve had been living out of his car and confronted him on his untidiness. "You mean I come all the way from California to visit you and you couldn't even clean your car?"

While all would agree Steve has vastly improved in creating a clean and attractive interior for his new Manitou Springs apartment, the interior of his car leaves a lot to be desired.

"It's just so hard. There's always crap coming in and out of there." explained Steve, "Then once in awhile I'll go through the drive-thru somewhere and eat (inside) maybe I should just have a special garbage bag in there."

Tami in Garden of the GodsEarlier in the summer, Steve was criticized for allowing a floppy disk to lay on the dashboard for two months in the summer - melting the plastic and deforming the shape of the computer accessory.

After a heated exchange of words earlier in the morning, Smith summed up the issue while enjoying a walking tour Garden of the Gods with Steve. "All I'm saying is, as a woman, clean cars are a definite plus. That might be something to consider if you're unhappy being single."

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