Steve Gets High Score on Ms. Pac Man

Ms. Pac Man Player MANITOU SPRINGS, COLORADO -- Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi shattered the high score at a Ms. Pac Man machine last night when he obtained his all-time personal high score of 150,080 points. He dominated the game for 13 levels as he gobbled up dots (big and small), pesky ghosts and "thumping fruit" at the Ancient Mariner, a tavern in Manitou Springs.

"Wow Steve. You played for that long on only one quarter?" exclaimed Mark, who is Steve's brother.

"Everything was just going my way," explained Steve, "The key is to not be so greedy when you eat the big dot and get the ghosts," said Steve, "I've played regular Pac-Man so many times at the Manitou Arcade and finally all that hard work paid off."

According to Steve, the highest point-getters were chomping the "hopping fruits" such as the bananas (5000 points), tangerines (3000 points), pears (2000 points), apples (1000 points) and pretzels (700 points).

Ms. Pac Man GameAlthough Steve was very happy with his accomplishment, he has set his sights on eclipsing the 200,000 mark.

"I definitely want to hit 200,000 at least, maybe 250,000. I get obsessed with these games and I love that sound it makes when Ms. Pac Man eats one of those thumping fruits," said Steve.

Jim Richmond, a friend who has been enjoying sleeping on Steve's green couch in his living room this week, offered Steve a handful of quarters as he trains to reach the 200,000 point threshold.

"Take these quarters and conquer that machine! You go, Steve," said Jim, "If you meet a girl through doing this ... that would be incredible."

Besides winning the high score at Ms. Pac Man, Steve recently gained the high score of the beginner level of Minesweeper on his home computer, completing the puzzle in only 12 seconds. He also holds other records for Intermediate (46) and Expert (297).

Proof that I actually did it. -Steve :)
Ms. Pac Man High Score
Also, my friend Jim handing me some quarters.

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