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Painful Arm Pit Noogies Given On Couch

Lisa and Steve Continue Their Shenanigans at Local Bible Study - April 3, 2003

Arm Pit Noogie COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - Childish fighting at a local Colorado Springs Bible study continued last night when Lisa A. began giving painful "armpit noogies" to Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi as they sat on the couch.

As seen in the adjacent photo, Steve did not appreciate the gesture. "Get away from me! Why did you do that?!" yelled Steve.

"You're such a wimp. I'm not even doing it hard." replied Lisa.

According to Steve, Lisa was driving her knuckles into Steve's bony arms, and came dangerously close to his ticklish arm pits during the skirmish. Steve fought back by attempting to put her in a head lock, but Lisa grabbed Steve's stomach with her nails. Most agreed Steve failed to put up a respectable fight.

Later in the evening, Steve reflected on the incident. "For now on I'm sitting in the recliner or on the other side of the room." he explained.

Chris Morton, who leads the weekly meeting, appeared semi-annoyed over their noise and out-of-control behavior. "Lower your voices. You're going to wake up the baby." he stated, "... But if you are going to duke it out, Steve you need to put up a better fight."

This event comes just wo weeks after the two attendees become involved in an argument over Steve's spontaneous picture taking with his digital camera, which ultimately led to Lisa strangling Steve on that very same couch. Last night was the first time they had seen each other since their conflict was publicized on this web site.

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