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Living Room Plants Dying For Unknown Reasons

January 14, 2001

Sickly Yucca Plant Picture

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO - Steve Garufi's only two apartment plants, a small yucca tree and a ficus plant, are reported to be very sick for "plant standards" and has been pushed into the ColoradoGuy spotlight as people offer advice over how to restore the plants' vitality.

At this time, it is unclear what exactly Garufi is wrongly doing to the plants, which makes discovery for a correct remedy even more problematic.

"It's very possible that you are overwatering them, but then again, maybe they're not getting enough sunlight." said Lisa Anderson, "You tell me what are you doing to them?"

Garufi, who has been continually criticized for his general caretaking skills, looked angry and exasperated. "Look, I know I'm an idiot when it comes to this stuff. All I know is give (the plants) water and don't step on them."

What kind of plant is this? I DON'T KNOW! :PAnderson, a Manitou Springs neighbor and friend who recently hiked with Steve on Barr Trail, gave him Plant Food Plus, a concentrated liquid that helps plants grow.

Restoration Efforts Begin

On Saturday morning, Steve watered the ficus plant and moved it squarely in front of the dining room window, where it receives maximum sunlight. The yucca plant, which Steve suspects may have been "overwatered," has been given more sunlight and will be purposely dried out.

"I think Lisa might be right," said Garufi, who received both plants as gifts when he moved into his Manitou Springs apartment last summer, "those plants really don't get much sunlight."

At this time, Steve is offering a reward of a free bottle of Ass Kickin' Ketchup for any person who can help bring both plants to life.

PLEASE share any advice you may have on how Steve can restore his plants on his:


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