Steve Kicks Friend's Ass (Royally) In Scrabble Match

Things Got Ugly With Tempers Flaring After Lopsided 495-236 Final Score

Scrabble Game MANITOU SPRINGS, COLO. -- It was an ass-kicking. A blowout of epic proportions. It was an exhibition of total domination from start to finish on a Scrabble board.

Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi kicked the sorry ass of friend Jae in Scrabble with the final, lopsided score being 495-236 (see scorecard below), a whopping 259 point deficit.

The game of Scrabble happened on the outdoor patio of the Townhouse Lounge in Manitou Springs, and to add insult to injury, Jae's paid the entire tab at the local establishment, a generous offer she made before the game had begun.

"I always feel so horrible when I destroy someone in a game like that. Jae's a good sport … but this was definitely an ugly game," explained Steve, who admitted to occasionally trash-talking Jae as they enjoyed dinner and played in the outdoor patio at the restaurant and bar.

Steve's 83-point score turned the game into a complete blowout, when he placed all seven tiles to create "DOUBTERS" on a triple-word score.

Scrabble Score Sheet"What's so funny is I always beat my Dad…" explained Jae, who has never beaten Steve in Scrabble but considers herself above average, "so he'll probably crack up when he hears how bad I lost."

Jae and Steve often play Scrabble with each other and their contentious match last month gained publicity when Steve lost his temper. in an argument over the validity of the word "ZOE".

"It's not a word," yelled Steve, "and I wasn't going to let her cheat like that!"

Just last week, Jae suffered another crushing defeat: a 461-198 trouncing, a 263 point deficit. Yesterday's loss was a 259 point differential, thus making her performance at least statistically better in one respect.

Sam Johnson in Woodland Park, posted a suggestion on this website's forum: "Maybe you shouldn't post the scorecards every time you beat her so badly. That's go to be an antagonizing thing!"

This most recent blowout defeat reminded some in Colorado about the horrible play of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.

"The way you manhandled her," said Josie in Denver, "It just reminded me of the smackdown the Seahawks did to the Broncos. I'd be entirely humiliated if I was her."

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