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Bony Knees Declared "Sex Symbols" For The World

Knees MANITOU SPRINGS, COLORADO -- Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi's knees have been declared "sex symbols" and beacons of peace and prosperity for all in the world, according to reports late yesterday.

The declaration stemmed when a friend said, "As a female, I can say you have a lot going for you with those knees."

Steve GarufiWhen questioned about his sex symbol status, Steve voiced appreciation. "It feels good knowing ... I guess I never had good self-esteem for my knees," he stated.

Many however, expressed their outrage and disgust over the announcement. Some argue Steve's knees are bony and his "chicken legs" are hardly attractive. Others point out the noticeable spots of psoriasis on them.

With Steve's knee and leg lying on her lap at the Townhouse Lounge in Mantiou Springs, Kansas Kelly appeared "grossed out" but was nevertheless tactful.

"Your knees look different ... and they look interesting with your shorts tan," said Kelly.


Kansas Kelly


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