Spaghetti Eaten Six Days In A Row

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- After six days, "ColoradoGuy" is all spaghettied out ... yet he's still going strong!

Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi, known for his pathetic bachelor lifestyle living solely on things he can cook in his microwave, has eaten spaghetti in his downtown Manitou Springs home for six consecutive days.

Too lazy to go supermarket shopping, Steve has been largely relying on a 5-pound package of spaghetti that he proudly bought for just $1.99 at Safeway last week.

"It's so much easier to boil up some spaghetti right now ... than go shopping to restock." explained Steve, who wore one of his favorite tie-dye shirts.

Steve estimated he will have two more dinners of spaghetti - pushing his amazing streak to eight days - before finally going to the supermarket.

Boki Evans, a close friend in Manitou Springs, expressed concern about Steve's overall health.

"I'm not sure all the pasta is good for your bowels." said Boki, as he ate breakfast at Spice of Life Cafe with a concerned look on his face, "There's no excuse for you not eating healthier and with more nutritional balance."

Steve has had other bizarre streaks that have been publicized on this web site. In 2001, the copy machine at Steve's Littleton, Colorado workplace printed 2,194 8 x 11 copies, shattering baseball legend Lou Gehrig's consecutive streak of 2,130. Also, Steve came close to break Joe DiMaggio's 56-game streak when he drank a 7-11 Big Gulp Vanilla Coke for 27 consecutive days.

"I still regret that I couldn't go on with my Vanilla Coke streak, but I know I did my best," Steve reflected.

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