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Younger Brother Gives Steve 101 Manitou Arcade Tickets!

June 2002

Hiya folks! I've been meaning to write this article for the past few days now! Procrastination sucks, doesn't it?

On the last day that my younger brother Mark and his friend were visiting Colorado, Mark gave me all of his tickets that he won at the Manitou Arcade! I counted them all up and the tally was 101 tickets. Doesn't he look really happy as he offers me his tickets?

Sooooooooo... this is a big deal because now with an initial lump sum of 101 tickets, I have some motivation to return to the arcade and win more tickets so I can win a good prize! :)

Now in 1998, I had a summer job right next to the Arcade and played the "21 game" and Horse Racing on my breaks and gained about 1,000 tickets or so. The prize I finally picked was an Elvis Clock where his legs swing back and forth. Click here to see the Elvis Clock, but I am sad to say, his legs broke off awhile back. However, the clock is still quite functional!

(A lovely zoom-in of the tickets on your left!) Alright, so the big question, at least in my unique and perhaps convoluted mind is, what prize will I work for this year?

After inspecting all the prizes a few nights ago with Jae (the same night I destoryed her in Scrabble), I honestly did not find anything really worth playing for. There was an orange lava lamp for 6,750 tickets, a funky-looking ferris wheel contraption for 10,000 and a cheesy-looking Disco ball for 2,000 tickets, but while I found those amusing, none of those really captured any passion for me.

Now granted, I still don't have a job and I've got way too much time on my hands, so I suppose I could just start collecting tickets and decide on the prize later. Sigh ... but THEN I began thinking about how I honestly don't want to spend THAT MUCH time at the Arcade. :)

But that's when I saw it! (See picture to the right!) They have these cactus mugs for only 215 tickets. Gee whiz! With my 101 tickets, I'm almost halfway there already! YEEHAW!

So for the record ... let it be know ... mark my words folks ... I am officially declaring that cactus mug is going to be in my possession in no time!

That's all. Thanks for reading through this entire article and feel free to cheer me on in my quest for that cactus mug! This is so exciting ... almost as exciting as when I started the coffee cup collection or when that copy machine broke Lou Gehrig's consecutive streak record.

Bye folks!

Love, Steve :)

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