Toilet Paper Purchased "Just In Time" Before Running Out

Crisis Is Averted Before Houseguest Planned To Arrive At Steve's Apartment

May 22, 2002

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO - A major crisis was thankfully avoided! Whew!

Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi wisely remembered to purchase a large package of toilet paper "just in time" before running out in his Manitou Springs apartment today, avoiding a potential crisis with a houseguest who visited that day.

"It was a good thing that I remembered, because Jae is coming over tonight to play Skip-Bo and maybe Scrabble again," explained Steve (photo below), "I would hate to think what could have happened."

While buying other items at a local drugstore (expensive conditioner and a package of candy), Steve remembered he was down to his last roll of toilet tissue in his bathroom. The 12-pack of Quilted Northern, bought for $4.95, averted a potential crisis.

Steve usually keeps a sizeable stock of toilet paper in storage (usually about 12 to 24 rolls), but because he had been procrastinating in abiding by his bi-weekly schedule to visit the supermarket, supply was extremely low.

"In a worst case scenario, I could go over to Donna's or Jae's house, but geez, that would have been bad." Steve admitted.

Overall, reactions from the ColoradoGuy community upon hearing the news have been mixed.

"It's really weird, telling someone that you ran out of toilet paper that's just kind of personal." said Amber Wilson.

Ben Paulson, a "regular" on the forums, offered words of support: "(This) demonstrates your careful planning to avoid crisis situations ... to be caught on the toilet, and discover that there is no toliet paper, is an experience that is compareable to pouring a bowl of cereal and discovering there is no milk."

Steve is well-known for showing off intricate details in his apartment, but this is the first time that he is allowing content about his bathroom to be published.

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