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SUMMIT COUNTY, COLORADO! Scenic Rocky Mountain Photos In Summit County, Colorado
(April 7, 2006)

Colorado On Friday afternoon, I was drove over the Continental Divide twice (Fremont Pass & the Eisenhower Tunnel) to meet a Denver friend in the small town of Georgetown.

Despite all the snow that you will see in the photos below, Spring is definitely in the air and I found myself taking a bunch of photos inside Summit County, Colorado, an area known for its numerous ski resorts. I must confess, I'm not that much of a skier and I am to the point where I am so ready for warmer weather to take over. Ah, but for those who love Colorado skiing, Summit County has become quite a popular area and real estate prices have gone through the roof! ;)

Anyway, it was really nice to take some photos of the Rocky Mountain scenery. All of the photos below were taken while I was sitting lazily in my car, except for the two photos of Grays and Torreys Peak (one is the photo above). Both of those peaks are considered "14ers," and who knows, maybe I'll hike them this summer. (Right now, however, I have my mind set on Mt. Yale and Quandry Peak. After that, we'll see!)

Have a great one! -Steve :)

Summit County, Colorado Coming down Fremont Pass towards Copper Mountain, there are a few amazing vistas of Rocky Mountain scenery. Folks, the drive over Fremont Pass from Copper Mountain to Leadville is definitely worthwhile!
Summit County, Colorado And by the way, if you love snow and long winters, then the Summit County region is definitely a place to consider living! ;)
Summit County, Colorado I took this shot on Interstate 70 westbound, just west of Copper Mountain. The photo is a little too gray because of the clouds, but I nevertheless like the depth it provides for the viewer.
Summit County, Colorado
Summit County, Colorado
At a scenic rest stop, that's Grays Peak and Torreys Peak, with just a short part of the Dillon Reservoir in the foreground.
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  • Summit County, Colorado Heading west on I-70 and west of Silverthorne, I was approaching the Eisenhower Tunnel.
    Summit County, Colorado Look at all that snow! :p)
    Summit County, Colorado Right before I entered the tunnel, I looked to the left (north) and snapped a shot of what I believe is known as "Coon Hill" (according to my Colorado Atlas), with a vehicle in the immediate foreground! :)

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