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Tarryall Region in Park County (Tarryall Mountains)
March 2004
Heading north on Highway 77 (away from Lake George), you'll approach the old, historic area that was once the town of Tarryall.
Inside the canyon, you'll get some really nice views of the Tarryall Mountains...
Okay, I'll admit, it's not the most exciting pictorial that I've done! ;)
The largest peak is McCurdy Mountain, elevation 12,165 feet.

Although I merely drove from Lake George to Tarryall Reservoir, I could tell that there's plenty of camping and hiking opportunities in this area!
Mighty "thirteeners" and "fourteeners" stand proud in the background, which makes up the Continental Divide.
Uh, Tarryall Reservoir was drained so that the dam could be repaired. It felt a little eerie out there!

Other reservoirs:
  • Rampart Reservoir
  • Skaguay Reservoir
  • Eleven Mile Reservoir
  • Back towards Lake George on Highway 77, was where the infamous Hayman Fire began.
    Token picture of me! Lastly, here's all my content for Park County:
  • Eleven Mile Canyon & Reservoir
  • Hartsel
  • Hayman Fire at Lake George
  • Guffey
  • Wilkerson Pass

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