Hi everyone. In case you don't already know, there were some crazy teenagers who declared war on my web site recently. And guess who I ran into last night at Dunkin' Donuts? Good Grief!
Scary Run-In With CRAZY TEENAGERS at Dunkin Donuts
January 11, 2002
Dunkin Donuts Logo Picture For the record, I stopped by Dunkin Donuts after work. There aren't any Krispy Kreme shops in Colorado Springs.
Two of the Crazy Teenagers I immediately recognized two of the kids when they got out of the car. One of them had a digital camera around his neck!
Belligerent Teenagers So I ran outside to confront them but they were a little belligerent with me. They hate my web site! :(
Loss of Temper I forgot what it was, but they said something that got me to lose my temper!
The Link Staff The problem was we were so loud, that someone threatened to call the cops on us. So we decided to see if we could talk rationally inside the shop. At first, we were both very suspicious of each other.
Yummy Bagel Picture Once I began to eat my bagel kinda funny, I think they warmed up to me. :)
Ross Overlook That's Ross, jamming a Boston Kreme donut in his mouth.
Friendly Dunkin Donuts Employee Then the friendly Dunkin Donuts employee gave us free donuts! IT WAS AMAZING! The whole thing reminded me of the Pikes Peak Donuts I ate!
Blueberry Donut In all the excitement, I compulsively smashed a blueberry donut against my forehead. It hurt a little.
The Link Staff By the end of the night, I at least got two of the teenagers smiling. The big kid on the left is Mayberry, and it was his 19th birthday. The middle kid is Stevens and the guy on the right is Ross.

I think we're friends now, but they said they were still going to war against this web site.

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