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Skaguay Resevoir - American Eagle Overlook - Road 61 to Cripple Creek

September 2002 or 2003 - For those who live in Colorado Springs, a nice getaway from the city is a scenic drive in Teller County, on the west side of Pikes Peak. On a sunny and warm autumn day, I visited three places that may be lesser known in the area.

Skaguay Resevoir

From Victor, follow signs and travel east to Skaguay Reservoir.
I picked the right day to explore the mountains. The fall foliage was very pretty!
From Victor, it is a six mile drive with many views of mountain scenery.

At the reservoir. Skaguay Reservoir, CO
Very pretty. Skaguay resevoir is located south of Pikes Peak. From here, if one traveled east through the mountains, one would wind up near the Fort Carson grounds and State Highway 115.

In the second photo, I believe that is Almagre Mountain (not Pikes Peak), but I can not say for sure.

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    Skaguay Reservoir Colorado
    I met this friendly gentleman who told me all about the fishing opportunities here. He had caught three fish that day. He said the fly fishing is excellent downstream beyond the dam.

    He had caught three fish so far.

    Fishing Skaguay Reservoir
    On the way back, more photos of beauitful foliage on Skaguay Road.

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    Another scenic view as I returned to Victor. Teller County, CO Scenery

    American Eagle Overlook

    American Eagle Overlook

    This is "must see" spot for those interesting in the mining of the area ... not to mention the spectacular mountain views at the top. To get there, travel east out of Victor, and follow the signs to the overlook.

    It's 2.5 miles going up! There are many remnants from past mining activity, but near the top you'll enter an active mining district.

    The middle photo is a dump truck in action!

    American Eagle Overlook Colorado 10,750 feet in elevation at the top. Wonderful mountain views!
    American Eagle Overlook American Eagle Overlook
    Looking west, you'll get a grand view of the Cripple Creek & Victor Mining operation. Pretty interesting!
    American Eagle Overlook, CO And way out there are Sangre de Cristo Mountains.
    Goldfield, CO To the southeast is the small unincorporated town of Goldfield.
    To the east is another active mining operation. It appears they are slowly blasting the mountain away. Almagre Mountain in the background.
    Pikes Peak American Eagle Overlook
    Pikes Peak Photo Pikes Peak, CO
    Last but not least, from the American Eagle Overlook, there are numerous views of Pikes Peak.
    1991 Honda CRX Special thanks to my Honda CRX for making up there! ;)
    Sangre De Cristo Mountains I did my best to zoom-in on the Sangre de Cristo Range with the sky.
    American Eagle Overlook, CO
    American Eagle Overlook
    Two more semi-creative pictures.

    Road 61 to Cripple Creek

    Now State Highway 67 between Divide and Cripple Creek is very scenic in itself, but if you are interested in taking a different route, I found Teller County Road 61 to be an interesting one. To take 61, travel south from Divide and turn off at the Rainbow Valley Ranch sign.

    Rainbow Valley Ranch, CO
    Much of the way, it is a quiet and reasonably graded dirt road. Scenic Road
    Plenty of bright yellow foliage. :) Colorado Fall Foliage
    Fall Leaves Colorado
    Even the ground was colorful!
    The road switchbacks a few times adn gives a good view of the mountains near Wilkerson Pass (in the foreground) and the many lofty peaks near Fairplay, Alma and Breckenrige. Colorado Scenery
    Another section of road provides great views of the Pikes Peak range.
    Pikes Peak, CO
    Pikes Peak Region
    According to my map, this mountain is named Trachyte Knob. Trachyte Knob
    Trachyte Knob
    Trachyte Knob, CO
    Eventually, the road reconnects with State Highway 67 near Cripple Creek. on Facebook

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