Texas Creek, Colorado - Fremont County

Texas Creek, Colorado

This unincorporated town is located on U.S. Highway 50 in Fremont County, approximately 25 miles west of Canon City and the Royal Gorge.
Texas Creek, CO
Just west of town. There is some amazing scenery in this area. Texas Creek, CO
The town essentially consists a few homes throughout the canyon and one restaurant, gas station and rafting company along Highway 50. Texas Creek, CO Texas Creek, CO
Nice! Inside the restaurant, they sell Texas Creek hats! Texas Creek, CO
An old-looking bridge that crosses the Arkansas River. Texas Creek, CO
In the canyon. Arkansas River
Across the bridge is federal land. Texas Creek, CO
Lots of great mountains views around! Texas Creek, CO

Scenic Pictures Inside the Canyon...

From Salida to Canon City, you are in a canyon with the Arkansas River running alongside the highway. All of these pictures are in this vicinity! Texas Creek, CO
See the fly fisher in the bottom right hand corner? Fly Fisherman
There are all sorts of crazy-looking rocks along the highway. Rock Formation
And let me tell you something...

This sign is probably not joking! :P
Falling Rock Sign
All these views between Canon City to Salida. Arkansas River
Another nice shot of the Arkansas River.
One last photo.

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