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Texas Halloween

Photos of Cheyenne's Halloween Party - "A Texas Halloween Y'all!" - October 31, 2003

Welcome To Texas Texas Y'all!
Hooray! This state ain't as good as Arkansas, but it was nice to visit. :)
Holy Ghost LEFT: We visited a pumpkin patch.
RIGHT: A proclamation for the Holy Ghost, which reminded me of my Bible study experience.
Lighted Pumpkin
Lighted Pumpkins
Now these are decorations at Cheyenne's house, where her mom was hosting a Halloween party.
Jack O Lantern A Darth Vader pumpkin.

Painted Toe Nails
So there is Cheyenne painting her nails in the bottom photo.

She is such a girlie girl! :p)

Long Hair That's Brandie, one of Cheyenne's friends. Look at that long hair on her! :P
Hawaiian Dancer Cheyenne dressed as a Hawaiian dancer.

Honestly, I took most of my pictures as people were dressing up in their costumes than during the party.

Halloween Costume
Halloween Costume
This is Michelle, Cheyenne's older sister.

This sweet woman painted my face and was so nice to me.
Steve My face.
Goodness gracious! :p)
Halloween Ornament An orange Jack-O-Lantern.
Halloween Party Mom and Michelle.
A girl trick-or-treats in the neighborhood.
Normal people scare her.
Steve That's me eating, and looking scary. ;)
Halloween Costumes Cute picture. The two sisters.)
Halloween Party Nice photo.
Ashley contemplates something deep.
Eating Mom in an eating photo.
We watched this classic movie too. :)
Hot and Humid Night It was nearly 80 degrees and humid at the night. Talk about a Texas Halloween!

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