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Thai Photos

My younger brother has been exploring Asia for over 18 months, and here are some of his recent photos in Thailand. He was near a beach area that apparently wasn't hit by the tsunami.
Pig Head Food Offering
Pig head halfs in a temple, a food offering.
Thai Boat
Clear blue water.
A Thai sunset.
A monkey eats a banana.
Thai Fishing Boats
Thai fishing boats.
Squid Pat Thai Food
This is squid pat thai.
Chan Cha Lay Guest House
Mark with a friend at a guesthouse in Krabi.
Thai Bungalow
Mark wrote: "My bungalow in Ranong province. $3.75/night!"
Thai Baby
Baby from Thai fishing village.
Malaysian Restaurant
Malaysian restaurant in Penang.
Phra Nang Cave
Phra Nang Cave

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