Colorado Guy Enjoys Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving with the Ward Family, November 2001
Scarecrow Picture Thanksgiving! I was a little down that I wasn't with my family (unlike last year). So I really appreciated the invitation from the Ward Family to spend the afternoon with them!
Pikes Peak Just thought I'd insert a nice picture of Pikes Peak from Memorial Park in Manitou Springs. Autumn is a beautiful time of year!
Pikes Peak Look at all that beautiful food! :)
Salad Dressing I brought a bottle of Ass Kickin' Salad Dressing as a gift, which Paul was very happy to see.
Lions vs. Packers We watched the football game on TV. The Lions lost again ... they're now 0-10!
Santa Letter Amber showed me the letter she wrote to Santa. REAL CUTE!
Food Words really can't describe the amount of joy I felt as I gazed as this plate of food!
Coconut Cake Picture That's Chris (NOT to be confused with the Chris who fixed my computer mouse and slept on my couch earlier this month) having some delicious coconut cake! YUM!
Stomach Ache HA HA HA After eating 2 1/2 plates of delicious food, I held my stomach for awhile. Luckily, I didn't get sick.
Amber Ward ... how cute! Amber chomps away at a turkey leg! :P

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