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TIPI GATHERING on a Warm January Afternoon
January 26, 2002
Beautiful Tipi Picture! It was a really warm Saturday afternoon ... a great excuse to have a tipi gathering! :)
Cara and Loree That's Cara and Loree. Great-looking hat, Loree!
Tamara showed up My friend Tamara came along. She isn't smiling but I like the relaxed, semi-contemplative look she has. :)
Campfire inside the tipi As the sun went down and it become colder, we got a good campfire going inside the tipi!
Jack and His Marshmellow The very cute 4-year-old Jack heats up a marshmellow. He's the kid that called me a girl because I have long hair.
John and His 'Firestick' John happily played with a stick that he kept lighting with fire. :)
Token Picture of Steve One token picture of me.

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