Twin Lakes, CO
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Kayaking TURQUOISE LAKE With Dr. Jon Westcott!

(Beautiful Lake Near Leadville, CO; Steve Fears Wetting Camera - May 22, 2004)

Last weekend, Dr. Jon Westcott (the psychiatrist who once made me homemade grain waffles) took me out kayaking on Turquoise Lake near Leadville, Colorado. With some snow still laying around the adjacent forest and towering snow-covered peaks surrounding the lake, boy oh boy, this is one really nice place for lake kayaking!

Because of my paranoia about getting the camera wet, I did not bring the camera with me while on the kayak. Hence, I only captured a few photos while standing on the lakeside. If you enjoy lake kayaking, I highly recommned this lake. It is a very beautiful place!

Love, Steve :)

TURQUOISE LAKE: A Few Pictures From The Lakeshore
Turquoise Lake, CO
Standing on the eastern end of the lake with views of mountains.
Turquoise Lake, CO
Same spot as above, but facing more to the south. Mt. Massive stands tall and proud out there in the background.
Turquoise Lake
This photo was taken in 2008 as I walked up toward Hagerman Pass.

TURQUOISE LAKE: A Few Pictures From The Lakeshore
Dr. Westcott Steve Just two photos of us with the kayaks. LEFT - Dr. Westcott with his kayaks. RIGHT - I think freaked out a bit over the tightness of my life preserver. :p)