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TWIN LAKES, COLORADO! A Historic Village In Lake County (At The Foot Of Mt. Elbert)
December 17, 2005
Twin Lakes, Colorado Twin Lakes, Colorado!
This morning I visited the village of Twin Lakes in Lake County, with the weather lingering in the single digits. ;)
Twin Lakes, Colorado It was so cold that I didn't bother to walk along the lake. Instead, I visited and wandered throughout the small village. You can see two of my other pictures of the actual twin lakes at: CO Mountains and Drive To Aspen.
Twin Lakes, Colorado The Twin Lakes Visitor Center was understandably closed. It is really quiet there in the winter! Interestingly, this particular building was known as the Red Rooster Tavern in the late 1800's. :)
Lake County Sign Below are my pictorials of Lake County and the nearby region:
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  • Cottonwood Pass
  • Twin Lakes, Colorado A cozy-looking cabin. I was told there are only 25 year-round residents in Twin Lakes! Reminds me of Villa Grove in the San Luis Valley! ;)
    Twin Lakes, Colorado This house is actually up a private road outside of Twin Lakes Village. Do you think we should all chip in and buy it? Come to think of it, I wonder if that home in Breckenridge ever sold? :)
    Twin Lakes, Colorado It was a very gray and cold day. The quality of this picture isn't the greatest, but if you're really craving photos of Twin Lakes ... ;)
    Historic Schoolhouse Wow! An old schoolhouse.
    Steve Um, one picture of me. And yes, I'm keeping the sunglasses!
    Twin Lakes, Colorado The highway westbound will lead to Independence Pass, but it's closed from about November 1 to sometime in May. ;)
    Colorado I love this shot! I zoomed-in on a mountain. ;)
    Here's a few other mountain pictorials of mine:
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    Colorado Mountain
    A couple of shots standing in the very same spot. I'm going to take a very educated guess that that's Twin Peaks, altitude 13,333 at the summit.
    Twin Lakes, Colorado One shot of the Twin Lakes as I was driving west out of town.

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