Village Inn Restaurant in Colorado Springs
Hanging Out at the VILLAGE INN (with Brent, Sherri and Loree!) November 2001
Village Inn Sign I got home from work at 10 pm, still had a lot of energy and wanted to go out. So I called Sherri on her cellphone and it turned out she, Brent and Loree had just arrived at the Village Inn. So I met them over there! WOO-HOO!
Brent Eats Village Inn Food That's Brent. He's best known as one of the poor souls who saw my underwear during our Bible Study.
Candy Cane Pie That's Loree eating some of Sherri's Candy Cane Pie. Loree's youngest son is the one that called me a girl last month.
Sherri and Me! :) That's Sherri and I was sitting next to her. Sherri is kind of like of Richard Gephardt to my hair. Her name is always coming up as a possible and viable Hair Consultant candidate when there is a vacancy.
pie picture I thought I'd zoom-in on the delicious candy cane pie.
breakfast So here's what happened. I ordered a Belgian Waffle, but the waiter (named Patrick) came back and told me the waffle maker was not working. So he begged me to accept a substitute and I did. I ordered flapjacks with sausage and eggs.
Village Inn Sherri colored this picture and gave it to the waiter. I think she had a crush on him. :)
Loree's Soda I was so in love with Loree's soda. Just look it! *SIGH*
Good friends I am very grateful to God for such good friends!
breakfast picture Finally, the food arrived. I LOVE BREAKFAST FOOD! It turns out they gave me FOUR FLAPJACKS to compensate for not giving me a belgian waffle. And I really liked that waiter Patrick - he was friendly, funny and did a good job.

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