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Villa Grove, Colorado

Photos of the Small Town of Villa Grove in Saguache County

Villa Grove, Colorado
Villa Grove is one of those towns that captivates you with stunning mountain views and wide open views. Yet at the same time, one might also think, "My goodness, people actually live in this isolated place? Why?!" The two mountain scenery images below will give you an idea. Both photos were taken on U.S. Highway 285 in the vicinity of Villa Grove.

San Luis Valley, Colorado
Approximately two miles south of Villa Grove, the towering peaks of the north Sangre De Cristo Range stand in the background.

Sangre De Cristo Mountains
The view of the north Sangre De Cristo Mountains from Poncha Pass, located approximately 18 miles north of Villa Grove. Drivers enjoy that beautiful view of mountains as they travel toward town. (Photo taken in April 2010 during my Chaffee County Walk).

Villa Grove, Colorado
The Town of Villa Grove, CO

Written In 2002 - After a long day of biking in the San Luis Valley, I was so happy to arrive in the small town of Villa Grove. I stayed with the people at The Escuela, a friendly family that runs at art school on their grounds.

Villa Grove is a tiny town - formerly a trading place and railroad stop during the historic mining era. The road to the ghost town of Bonanza begins here.

Llamas Llama The folks I stayed with had llamas in their backyard! :)
Villa Grove, CO Looking north, I look forward with anticipation and dread knowing I would bike up Poncha Pass the next morning! Granted, it was not the toughest pass, but my body was not happy about anything uphill!
Villa Grove, CO The Sangre de Cristo Range stands proudly to the east!
Loretta's Country Kitchen I ate at Loretta's Country Kitchen. The food was fantastic!
Villa Grove, CO Then I zoomed in and out from the very same spot. A nice view of the mountains!
Sky The sky just looked awesome!
Sangre De Cristo Mountains One last shot of those mountains.

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Villa Grove, CO I was told Villa Grove has a population of 51, and yes, they have a post office! :)

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