Homemade Waffles Made From Scratch

Making Waffles From Scratch

March 2003 - Dr. Jon Westcott showed me how he makes homemade waffles from scratch in his home.

He has a large array of grains in his pantry.

There he is holding up some kind of special grain. Dr. Jon Westcott
Jon grew up on a farm in Iowa, and so he has a good understanding of the different kinds of grains.
Check out this hand-operated grinder ...
... and there he is grinding!

Friends, Jon actually does this nearly everyday. Impressive! :)

Out comes a fine powdery substance made up of only the best grains.
Then he had this blender going with some other grains ... Blender
... and he had this finished grain.

P.S. I'm terrible at explaining this but I hope the pictures will suffice. :)
Waffle Grain
He cracked an egg, but only allowed a small part of the yoke.
A touch of molasses. Molasses
A few crushed pecans. Crushed Pecans
Oh the excitement of it all! :) Homemade Waffles
Hooray! Jon's homemade waffles are ready! Square Waffles
Some maple syrup and a few dashes of yogurt and it was ready. Fantastic! :)

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    Pharmaceutical Promotions In Jon's House

    Because Jon is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, he can prescribe all sorts of medications his patients. And pharmacuetical companies send him many attractive promotional items.

    Check out his nifty-looking Zoloft desk clock! :)

    Zoloft Desk Clock
    A snazzy Risperdal wall clock. Risperdal Clock
    And look ... A Remerton tote bag! Remeton Tote Bag
    A neon green Effexor pen. I want that! :)

    Effexor Pen

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