Rain and Mike's wedding in the FREEZING COLD, September 23, 2000
There they are - Mike and Rain!
Guys, it was so FREEZING COLDoutside. It was maybe 30 degrees and sleeting. And later in the day, we actually got a dusting of snow!
Does this picture give you an idea about how cold it was? The camera didn't really pick up the wet, freezing cold rain. Anyhow, it was a great wedding.
Some pines on the large mountain slope in Green Mountain Falls.
Rain's hair was done really nice. No surprise here, Rain is my hair consultant. She is my coach, mentor and "go to person" whenever I have issues related to growing my hair long, beautiful and naturally curly! :)
That's Carolyn, Greg and the back of Eric's head. Uhhhhh, doesn't it look like Carolyn is on drugs? Ha ha ha ha ha...(oh she'll kill me if she reads this!)
People, there was a huge buffet at the reception. It was the most wondrous collection of beautiful, tasty food I had seen in awhile!
That's cute SHELBY and her cousin beside her.
Dancing - Yeeeeeehaw!

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