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More of Snow Covered Teller County, Colorado!

February 12, 2004

A couple of shots near Twin Rocks Road & County Road 1.
Oh, you people from California and Florida must love this! :)

Look at all the hard, dirty, icy snow behind the wheel of my Honda CRX! :)
By the way, that pizza place in Florissant is really good!
Up Wildhorn Road (3 Road - north of Florissant), there ain't too much scenery, but I did get this nice shot.
And here's one token picture of me! ;)

Wintery & Snowy Forest Pictures in Teller County!

February 2004

Okay, these aren't the greatest pictures, but here's some snowy forest photos for you folks in Florida or southern California! ;)
Here's are other winter & snow stuff:
  • Snow in Manitou
  • Snow in Colorado Springs
  • Really cold day
  • Freezing at Seven Falls
  • Fruitcake Toss
  • Here's a couple of shots from a road outside Woodland Park.
    Snow! Remember the pictures of it snowing during the Carnivale festival? :)
    I didn't mean to have the zoom-in on when I took this picture!
    A couple of shots of Pikes Peak from standing at the same point.

    Feel free to yap away about any of these snowy pictures on my:


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