Steve Garufi

Two-Time Bike Across America Cyclist and Author of "Under a Triumphant Sky"

Bike Across USA Book Under a Triumphant Sky

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Book Review by Colorado Central Magazine

Two Radio Interviews With Turf Sports Radio (Denver) and The Ticket (Abilene, TX)

"Under a Triumphant Sky is more than a bicycle narrative.
It is a human story about facing your fears and overcoming adversity -- all for the pursuit a lifelong dream.

Steve Garufi Cyclist
Steve in Winona, Mississippi on his first bike across USA tour.
Author's Note

My memoir about my 2008 bicycle trip across America, Under a Triumphant Sky: A Bike Across America Story, was published by Mount Princeton Publishing in Salida, Colorado.

Becoming a successful author was always the second dream tied to my first of riding across the country. Thank you to all of my friends and supporters who have been with me through this process. I hope everyone enjoys my book. :)

Happy Cycling Always,

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Bike Across USA: 2008 Trip - 2011 Trip - Tips and Resources

Winter 2015-16 was not too shabby :)

A fight with Kansas Kelly >:O

Sometimes life is a piece of garbage :o)

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